Hello, I’m Tarneo!

I am a high school student, but also a computer programmer, Free Software advocate and sysadmin at Renn.es, a 90s-style tilde community. Some projects I made include Shlonk, a very simple URL shortener, and my split keyboard, the Monkeyboard. You can also check out my GNU/Linux dotfiles or my wallpaper selection. If for some reason you want to see how this blog is made, you can see its source code.

If you’re here, you probably want to see my latest posts.

Also me:

Make sure to encrypt emails with my PGP Key, which you can either directly download and manually import or download automatically:

gpg --locate-keys tarneo@tarneo.fr

Fingerprint: 7C56 89A0 383A 1228 2DCE 83D2 BA92 4E53 D0EB 3FCC