On my PC(s):

  • Editor: NeoVim for everything: code, text, this website, and so on. I even make presentations in Markdown and convert them to HTML using reveal-md.
  • Web browser: Qutebrowser, mainly because of its Vim-like keybindings.
  • Youtube players: My own Invidious instance on PC’s and NewPipe for Android.
  • Mobile web browser: Iceraven. This is the best browser for android because it is the only one that is decent. Its features include:
    • ACTUALLY not tracking you, at least according to my research.
    • Extension support: I use UBlock Origin, Decentraleyes, Privacy Badger and CanvasBlocker.
    • An address bar on the bottom of the screen
  • Search engine: SearXNG (find an instance), a “meta search engine”. I enabled Google, Duckduckgo and Qwant.
  • Audio editor: Audacity.
  • Video editor: Kdenlive.
  • Photo viewer: nsxiv with a decent key handler.
  • Photo organizer: DigiKam.
  • RAW photo editor: RawTherapee.
  • Terminal emulator: Alacritty.
  • Linux distribution: Arch Linux.
  • Password manager: Bitwarden.
  • “Smart"phone OS: LineageOS to get away from Google’s crap on Android.
  • Email client: aerc on PC and FairEmail for Android.
  • Mobile navigation/maps: Organic maps.
  • Terminal multiplexer: tmux.

On my servers:

  • NeoVim & Tmux just like on my PC, with a lighter config for NeoVim.
  • Linux distribution: Debian Linux.
  • Backups: btrbk with btrfs, plus a custom backup script for off site backups.

For a few of those pieces of software, you can find my config files on the Gitea instance and on GitHub.


My laptop is a Framework 13 inch Ryzen 5 AMD, with 16 GB of RAM. Works great, most of the concerns I had before don’t really apply: I don’t notice anything with the hinges (they’re not noticeably wobbly) or the keyboard. The battery lasts for around 7 hours from 80% charge (with the smaller battery).

My mouse is the MX master 3 and my keyboard is my Triboard. They are both great, especially since I made one of the two :-).

I use a second-hand LG Ultrawide 34” monitor. This is just incredibly useful, and makes using a secondary screen obsolete. The resolution, at 2560x1080, is not the best for the size, but I got used to seeing the individual pixels (especially since I have very good eyes), and it’s part of this screen’s charm.

My camera is a Lumix GX80, which is quite nice. There isn’t too much grain up to 1600 ISO (which is far enough for me as I mostly take photographs during daytime) and it’s quite small and fits my hand well.

My PC (USB) headset is the Logitech G pro X wireless. The range is average, but most of all, it’s very soft on the ears. The sound is good, but it still sounds far better on speakers. I also use a Philips Bluetooth headset for my phone.

My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S9. It does the job no problem even though it’s a few years old (LineageOS certainly helps).

For electronics, I use various MCU’s (Seeed XIAO’s, Arduinos, RPi Pico W) and Raspberry Pi’s. I also use an overpowered 100W Weller soldering iron.